Friday, 2 May 2014

Where are you from? - Post Card Project

This was quite cool, if I do say so myself. It took a bit of work though!
So I first had this idea of making postcards as this went well with the theme of "where are you from?" I admit, the writing on the postcard was a little difficult but the kids got it better than expected. This project followed on from a lesson all about different countries and their foods and landmarks- so it was a great project to reinforce the knowledge.

As you can make out from the template the post card is a little strange in that the sender doesn't know who they're sending it too... this is because we had to include the question "What's your name?" as it was in the textbook... but there needs little logic in English at times, and this was one of those vito logic moments. hehe

Now, I made the post card template first and then for a spin I printed out a whole bunch of stamps from each of the countries we had studied in class. I then cut these stamps out and put them in a big bag and the students each pulled a stamp out of the bag and that determined what country they came from. (A temporary citizenship, if you will).  This was done so that the class wouldn't all write about Korea and ignore the new global knowledge they'd learnt throughout the unit. The most popular pick ended up being India, what a surprise.

So the kids with their new nationalities filled out the section of the post card that says "We can eat___ and visit _____." by looking back to their tables stuck in their notebooks that we had filled out in class at an earlier lesson. See post "Where are you from? - Jazzed up..."Go to "Where are you from?" Lesson Now

Here's one of those tables filled out by a student, so you get the idea of what knowledge they are equipped with for their postcards:
Anyway, so the post cards worked really well. The decoration on the picture side of the post card was supposed to be the flag of the country (as we learnt what each country's flags looked like) and with that also, the food and landmark they talk about in their post card writing. 

Here is the display of the grade 5 post cards:


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