Friday, 2 May 2014

What Will You Do?... Time Capsule Project

Okay, so this isn't as cool as some of the time capsule lessons other teachers make - with actual time capsules that they bury out in the school garden. BUT I assure you it was a fun lesson.

Download the template here.

*The reason why I can't bury the capsules - not really an idea my school would be open too, plus my classes are in 6th grade so it's not as if they are sticking around to dig it up and take a look - I suggest doing that with younger levels .

Anyway, so the lesson we were studying to match this activity was the "What will you do for the talent show" lesson. I know, not very future themed but really, it's a lesson that concentrates on the other kind of future - future tense, that is ;).
So the time capsule idea fit perfectly as the kids already knew occupations and the I will sentences would be in full swing.
SO this is the worksheet I drew and photocopied for my classes:
 As you can see, the 'I will' usage is heavy- perfect for wrapping up the future tense unit.

 And here are the class displays... I went with the whole futuristic vibe. I prefer the students being able to view their work rather than bury it actually.

 A close up of some of the fantastic student work.
 Some of them are really funny. One kid wrote , as an answer to Where will you live [in the future]?
"In my room." - Hope his parents know he's not planning on moving out! hehe

Ardyn Baia


  1. Do you have a PDF or other file for this worksheet? Looks great!

    1. Hi, I just updated the post now, with a download link, here's the same one if you have issues"