Friday, 2 May 2014

WANTED POSTERS - The ice breaker project

Our first topic for the six grade this year was "What Grade Are You In?" Within the lesson there were questions about what your likes and dislikes are, where you're from, what your favourite food is and more kind of "All About Me" questions.

So what was a great way to make an interesting project ?  (-that wasn't as boring as the textbooks' lame answer questions about yourself on a small poster idea) Wanted Poster template download

Western style wanted posters of course!

The kids had such a blast sticking their photo on their little wanted posters. All I did was design the template in word and print it out on tan paper - and poof, authentic looking eh? The students were free to add an eye-patch, gold teeth or cowboy hats to their photos also... my little criminals made me proud!

So essentially the same vocabulary was used as in the textbook but expressed in a much cooler assignment! I urge any of you to add this poster idea as a cool ice breaker project for your first couple of weeks.

When we had finished the projects I played an English version of the old childhood game we call "Statues" in NZ. It's where you have one person at the front of the class and the rest at the opposite end. The normal game is when the individual at the front turns around and when their back is facing the class the class can attempt to move as fast as possible to the front - trying to tag that individual in order to win and become the new leader. But, the individual could turn anytime and if you're caught moving you have to go to the back - so you must freeze , which is where the name "Statues" comes from.
Anyway, the English version of this requires the teacher to start as the individual and use the wanted posters - how? Well, you say something like "Who likes chicken" and everyone who wrote they like chicken on their wanted poster is free to move toward you a step. And then you say more and more statements, obviously the student with the most statements true to what you call out can become the winner as they'd reach you first.

Simple, great listening review activity. I guess you could try a form of the Guess who game too...but not quite sure how I'd do it...

Here's our wanted posters on display:

Ardyn Baia