Thursday, 22 May 2014

Topic: Food Glorious Food! - A Project Idea and Template (free template download!)

Currently, my grade 5's are studying the topic "Do You Want Some More?" which is all around food and uses phrases such as :
  • "Do you want some more noodles?" ( cookies / fruit / vegetables/ hamburgers...) 
  • "Yes, please. Thanks a lot." 
  • "Everything looks delicious!" 
  • "Do you like Korean food?"
  • "Go ahead, help yourself."
  • "No thanks, I'm full." 
So leading up to the final project we did a 'dubbling/voice over' lesson which was an absolute blast. To see this lesson explained and download the free videos and scripts click here.

Moving on to our project day I decided to let the kids be creative and make up their own creative dialogues. As usual we did a class example on the board and I encouraged the kids to think outside the box. For example, we did a (bland) textbook type dialogue together first, revisiting the dialogue and vocabulary. But after I told the kids to be "crazy" and we made a much funnier script.
Here's what we came up with for 5-1's 'crazy' script:

A: Everything looks delicious!
B: Do you like Korean food?
A: Yes!!!!! I do! I like noodles, kimbap, vegetables, fruit salad, japcahe...everything!
B: Okay. Go ahead, help yourself.
A: Okay! ummmm munch munch munch yum yum yum!
B: Do you want some more?
A: Yes! It's really good. ummm noom noomm noom yum yum!
B: Wow, you eat so much! Are you full?
A: No! Give me more!

  (Note: Korean kids find the word crazy to be absolutely hilarious!).

So after we brainstormed ideas for their own creative dialogues I gave them these funky templates where they could write their dialogues and colour them in later of course!
Download Food Dialogue Template here

Have a read and look at these fantastic scripts!

 I made a picnic basket and picnic blanket to make the display look yummy.
Here's what the final display looks like:


  1. Thank you for sharing your great ideas! :)