Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Read-A-Thon and Reading Cafe

As a way to get English out there and encourage reading at our school we have started a reading program specifically aimed at the fifth and sixth graders. The deal is, they come and read English books whenever they are free (lunch, after school) and us English teachers quiz them to check they have read the book - they get a stamp on the reading chart if they pass the quiz.

 ( Quiz: a 1 minute Q &A just to summarize the book)

Once a student has read a total of 5 books they get a certificate and small gift.
At first, no one was coming to read during their free time so I devised the idea of having a "Reading Cafe". This is the poster:

 So basically, it's all about the snacks lol. Say there will be snacks and the kids will come!
We got a total of about 16 students, only one boy but it's a start. And the girls came and read books and we asked questions and we stamped their reading tables and they got a small handful of cheap popcorn and a small amount of juice. We over bought snacks, it's actually become super affordable as the popcorn isn't finished and we can use it for the next 4 weeks at least! And it was a big bag for only 5,000 won. (about 5$ Canadian).

We played relaxing instrumentals , on low volume to give it more atmosphere. If only we could have bean bags... maybe in winter we'll have a hot chocolate special. :)

So here is our Read-A-Thon display with our little English library. We have a range of books of different levels and hopefully we will have a budget one day to buy a reading program that works in levels... a wish of mine, the Australian Rainbow Reading Programme is really good, I've seen in when living and tutoring in Brunei so maybe one day?!

Have you got a reading program ? Tell me about it, how do you get the students to read?!


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