Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Practicing Calling Dialoue - With Their Favourite Cartoons! (free worksheet downloads!)

Grade 6 is still on the making a call topic and in our latest lesson we even had a Skype call with my mother who lives in Brunei! The kids had a blast talking to her, and because she's a teacher she was perfect to interact with. I set her up with the dialogue we were studying and she tried to keep to it as much as possible. The kids were so engaged by the video camera aspect that they didn't freeze up or get shy talking to an English speaker. Success! I highly recommend skyping a relative or friend with your class for phone call practice!

Moreover, we also had a little game beforehand to warm us up. We separated the students into 4 groups then told them they would each receive a "calling card" and they had to keep it secret from the other groups. Then, we asked a pair from each group to come and act out the phone call according to the information given on their "calling card". We told the rest of the class to listen carefully, stating that the group who could answer all questions correctly about the phone call they heard, would receive points. (who is calling? What time will they meet? What will they do/).

Here are the calling cards:                                      Download them here:Calling Cards

Notice I didn't add a meeting place, maybe I would next time but I didn't think there was much of a loss as they still practiced the phrase "Let's meet at ______ " when talking about time. But you could easily add a place picture to these - or better yet, make the students think of their own!

The dialogue we followed:

A: Hello
B: Hello, may I speak to ______ ?
A: Speaking. Who's calling, please?
B: This is ______.
A: Hi _____. What's up?
B: Let's ____________ this afternoon.
A: Okay! What time?
B: How about at _____ (O'clock) ?
A: That sounds good! 
B: See you there!

I also had a ringing sound effect I played using the computer, you can download it here :Phone Ringing Mp3
it makes things a little more special, as well as using some fake/real telephones!

Happy Teaching!


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