Friday, 2 May 2014

Pen Licenses ! (Free Template Download!)

When I was in primary school in New Zealand as soon as I made it to year 5 we had the opportunity to be awarded with the sacred, prestigious, jealousy-producing - PEN LICENSE. It was the ultimate satisfaction when I was awarded with one in year 6. I was given a new blue ball point pen and from there on out I was allowed to write in my books with pen! No more messy, childish pencil I thought, and I lived happily ever after in pen writing land...

Well, I've brought this gem to my classroom now. We currently have about 5 pen license holders, they receive a brand new inky pen. How did we award them? We checked their English notebooks after three lessons were completed, with ample warning that the best handwriting would equal to pen license honour.  The students handed in their notebooks a couple weeks back and awaited the results.

We displayed the pen license certificates on our pen license board - of course every teacher has a pen license ( ours are displayed too, being one with the people and all hehe) ...

Free Pen License Template Download
SO yeah, I encourage any elementary/primary teacher to have this in their classroom. It's a great way to encourage neat handwriting and have them take pride in their work.


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