Friday, 9 May 2014

Making Treasure Maps! - Directions Lesson Project

At the end of every unit we always do a project. For our last grade 5 topic "Where is the Ice Cream Store?" I decided a great way to review our directions vocabulary would be to make treasure maps!
 Here's a link to an awesome Directions rap! It's why my students learnt the phrase 'keep going!', they loved it: DirectionsRap

A pretty straight forward lesson, you can visit my teacherspayteachers link to purchase it:
Worksheet Download

And then I printed these out, and cut them all out so that each student got one 'Start Here' ship and one treasure chest. Then I told the students to glue on each one somewhere on their map and then they have to write out the directions to get to the treasure, from the ship. Easy as pie.

It's great if you put this up on the projector and demonstrate what to do so the students can understand easier. I also wrote all the vocabulary on the board that they must try to include:

  • Go straight
  • Keep going
  • Turn left/ right
  •  It's on ________ Street.
  • It's in the ___________.  -(Museum, Toy Store, Library, ...)
Here is the display and some of the student maps! They turned out great!
Some even wrote ordinal numbers as we are studying first to fifth in the same topic. Very proud.

Making the pirate and treasure chest took a while but so worth it! I actually had them pinned up on the board when teaching the lesson and the kids got into the theme better - especially excited to see the pirate.


  1. My co-teacher and I just started this lesson. I can't wait to try this!^^

  2. I finally get to use this one for one of my classes... and I still need to post pics of your other great idea that worked AWESOME with my classes! thanks for all of the good ideas!

  3. Please do post!!! I'd love to show off your work on my site. :) Great that they're of some use!

  4. This is a great idea! Thanks!

  5. Hi,
    Thanks so much for this! My co-teacher messaged me at 4:15 on Thursday and asked me to prepare a map review lesson for the next day. I found this on Waygook, downloaded and let 'er rip! The kids loved it. Even the 6th graders (who normally don't like anything, or won't admit to liking anything).
    Thanks for sharing your lessons :)
    Rachel (Daejeon)

    1. Glad I could help! Thanks!

    2. Lovely activty. Thank you a lot!

    3. Ms. Baia,
      I am thinking of tweaking this for my 6th graders a bit, since it's a different book and they are a bit older (Pirates of the Carribean theme). Yours' looks great! I know they will like it :) Thanks so much I love your blog!

  6. I respect your passion for teaching. All of the teaching materials I got from you is gorgeous. Thank you very much.

  7. For driving directions and route planner, mileage is another alternative for google maps