Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Making Plans Over The Phone! Learning Phone Dialogue Made Fun and Interactive! (free ppt. download!)

Currently, my grade 6 classes are studying the lesson "Who's Calling, Please?" and I did this lesson for part two of the unit. This powerpoint lesson is a great way of introducing the dialogue and even as a review after learning the dialogue. It does include some editing on your part but I assure you the kids love it and it's well worth the fun and learning.

So what you need aside from the powerpoint is a pair of fake phones/ old phones/ your phones or you could make the old fashion cup and string phones too! 

Anyway, so the powerpoint is pretty self explanatory... below are the slides with my notes, read a long and feel free to download and teach this fullproof lesson with your classes!

Note: This lesson has speaking, reading, listening and role-playing - a great box-ticking lesson for the phone call conversation topic. :)

I would use this for adult or high school ESL classes also, modifying the vocabulary and level when necessary. I think it's an enjoyable lesson for any age.

The title slide:
Download link:  Who's Calling ppt.

"Before we start, lets review the dialogue! Everyone read."
As you can see I inserted two pictures of my students from the class. This was not only fun to have as the kids were really excited to see themselves and classmates up on the screen. But also it's encouraging actual life, as they would most probably be calling each other on the phone rather than The Hulk and Nemo right? (nothing against Hulk and Nemo!)

Each of the pictures require a click to show up, adding exciting suspense, of course!

So this is my textbook's recommended dialogue but you can alter to your material. I added 'O'Clock' to make it more interesting - as they hadn't been able to practice that saying in a while.

Next, more review slides. I got the students to read and guess if they didn't already know.
Now, please keep in mind that the majority of this vocabulary has been taught the year before, but this is the first time they are being used in a phone call situation. You will need to have taught most of this vocabulary in previous lessons.

Now here comes the fun - it's calling time!
So at this point I have the phones up in front ready for the pairs to come up and call each other.

This slide will take you a while to alter but it is so worth it! The kids love it and it makes them feel special. Basically you just separate the class into 2 groups/in half or boys vs. girls and ask for a volunteer from each team to choose someone to call.

I embedded a phone ringing sound too that you can click to add drama.

Now, when you click a student's photo it will be linked to a 'scenario slide'. There are about 20 that I made using different places, times and activity pictures that we saw in the review slides at the beginning. I wrote the same dialogue from the earlier slides on the white board next to the projector screen and that way the students can just read and fill in the appropriate blanks when they make their call.
When you are half way in the lesson I suggest if the students are getting better and better at the dialogue, to wipe off parts of it on your board to promote memorization.

Scenario slides:

Of course you can alter this to your desire. but most importantly you need to have each slide "link" back to the original calling slide  (the one with all the student photos). The purple arrow will link you back to the calling page.

Here is a brief how to explanation of the linking process so that when you insert student photos you can link them to the scenario slides:

On the INSERT tab you'll see the LINKS buttons, click ACTION. Note, it will not be 'click-able' if you don't first click on the picture you want to be linked to another slide.

A box will pop up, so click onto the 'HYPERLINK' option.

Click on the drop-box and click the option SLIDE...

A box will open and it has the list of slides in the presentation and when highlighted there's a preview of the slide under the OK and CANCEL buttons. So find the 'scenario slide' that you'd like to link your student's photo to then push ok. Remember you can scroll down!

So after that, open into SHOW mode and try out the links! You should be able to click on a student photo and it transport you to a scenario slide and then, once you click the purple arrow it will return you to all the slides of the student photos.

If you desperately need help contact me and I'll be happy to help you out. I know that tech isn't everyone's thing and I'm still learning too!

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Happy Teaching!