Friday, 2 May 2014

Learning about the house - after school class (Simple and easy)

For my after school English classes I wanted to start with a a bunch of lessons that link to each other, to start some kind of routine. So I thought a good theme would be the house, its' rooms and the contents.

So we started our first lesson with the bedroom, the following was the kitchen, the bathroom and finally the living room. We would learn the vocabulary first then we would make models of the room with different types of media. (paper, pastels, sand...)

The kids ended up with 4 rooms that they took home to show their parents. It was fun to do review games of the vocabulary and let them see online images of all sorts of interesting and amazing designs of rooms and houses to inspire them...a simple idea to have a few lessons easy to plan and prepare for. We also watched design programs such as "Extreme Makeover House Edition" on YouTube - the kids were amazed.

Here are our design sketches and final products:

 I downloaded these templates a while back, they are from a design website:

 Here's a worksheet I made, it's a picture vocabulary story where the students have to draw the furniture item in order for the story to be complete. It is a fun and easy way to review - plus adds reading time.


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