Monday, 12 May 2014

Happy Teachers' Day!

On May 15th it's Teachers' Day in Korea. ( A national holiday too! Yay, a day off!)

Today at my school we had our special Teachers' Day Assembly and I was given an adorable mini bouquet by one of my six grade students to celebrate us teachers. (Every teacher got one).

It was a lovely moment and I would like to take the time to thank all those teachers who helped me during my time in school and I hope they all know how talented, caring and precious they are. They all truly have inspired me to push myself as a teacher also!

Brilliant Teacher List:

Primary School:

Mrs. McAffee Green ! She was a fantastic artist and great teacher all around.

Mrs. Tomolato - My first teacher ever, she taught me in year 1 and I will always remember her.


Mr. Gage - such a wonderful teacher, hip and fun. Loved Usher lol, he was superb.

High School:

Mr. Klien - One of the greatest English Teachers of all time. He was always so philosophical, I felt the need to write down his words as I expect to see his quotations in books and movies one day!

Mrs. Bracken - Amazing drama teacher who taught me all I know of theatre today and more.

Mr. Baird and Mr. Watkin - two of my favourite Design Tech teachers ever! They are even funnier when together so I can't separate them in my mind. Awesome teachers, artists too.


Prof. Hoffmann - Such a wonderful lady, I learnt so much in her film studies lectures, we are still friends today and I am so thankful for the brilliant reference she gave me.

Prof. Watkins - Amazing Latin and Old English tongued  Prof... she was so inspiring, so young, so talented.

Prof. Tysdal - What an amazing poet and poetry professor! Inspiring and enthusiastic. The reason why I am pursuing my poetry and I thank him for my recent publication as I wouldn't have had the nerve without his encouragement during my time in uni! (My Poems Published Link)

And last but certainly not least is the ultimate teacher - my mother!
My mummy and I. She's a beauty inside and out.

She is actually an English teacher, secondary level but has traveled and taught ESL in Singapore, Japan and Brunei. Amazingly creative and I have learnt everything about teaching from her. A true teacher who I hope I can one day join forces with and write a textbook together. It would be a waste that her bright ideas don't spread and be shared! A true, amazing teacher she is! And yes, she's my mum and of course I'd say that - but really, everyone who knows her thinks the same . :)


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