Thursday, 22 May 2014

Free Worksheet Downloads! Mixed Topics.

Feel free to take a look and download any worksheet.

I use these mostly for homework or even a warm up activity.

They're all created in word and you can alter to your desire.

Happy Teaching!

This is Grade 6, just practicing contractions. It could be used in grade 5 or even adult ESL:
Contraction Worksheet Download

Lesson: Where's The Ice Cream Store?  - learning directions
Directions Worksheet Download

Lesson: Bigger, Longer  Grade 6
Longer, Bigger Worksheet Download

Lesson: Whose umbrella is it? Grade 5 - His and Hers
Whose is it worksheet download

Lesson: I have a fever , grade 6 - learning medical terms
I have a fever worksheet download

Whose is it? worksheet / comic book! On the bubble page they draw themselves as a cartoon!
Change the dialogue to practice multiple topics!
Grade 5 : comic book worksheet

Happy Teaching!


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