Thursday, 8 May 2014

Egg Salad Sandwiches! (free ppt. and worksheet download!)

In my current (Grade 6) English after school class I've only got about 3 students that turn up consistently. They are lovely girls and I know it's hard to come to after school English every Monday and Tuesday afternoon after an entire day of school and try to concentrate on learning more. They mostly enjoy telling me about their K-Pop crushes and try to get me to play YouTube for the lesson but I've been stern...only one video at the end of the class while making things of course!

So, as we are drifting into the summer and we've just finished going through vocabulary about all the rooms of the house (see  : Learning about the house post) my girls were getting a little what better way to motivate them than by the use of FOOD.

Every kid, every student, loves the opportunity to EAT in class... I know I did, in primary, high school and uni! hehe And who isn't more hungry than a child after class?

So I've opened the topic on Summer Foods and we made our first summer food - Egg Salad Sandwiches!

I started the lesson with a PowerPoint going through summer foods and we did our own little brainstorm. Sandwiches are a summer food because the going on picnics is specially for the summer, whether to a beach or a lake - and what foods go well in picnic baskets? Sandwiches of course.
We went through cooking vocabulary after our summer food brainstorm. I found the pictures through google and just used vocabulary I knew we would cover for making Egg Salad Sandwiches.

Here's a screen shot of my power point - you can see we will be making Banana Peanut Butter Popsicles next. The vocab is mainly going to be repeated with each summer food recipe we make.

Free ppt download link: Summer Recipe PPT

And here we are, my happy students making their sandwiches the next class after we went over the vocabulary together. I will play a vocab memory game next week and we will then write out the Egg Salad Sandwich recipes in their after school books. (Just books I made by binding our worksheets together)
 As you can see I made them make their own Egg Salad mixture individually. This way they all are responsible for their own sandwich and it meant that everyone had equal opportunity to make something. No one is left out! Plus, if they screw it up - it's their fault! MWHAHAHAA!

Here's the worksheet for practicing our vocabulary :
Sandwich Vocab Worksheet Download
Stay tuned, I'll have the recipe written by the students posted.
Then ya'll can make your own Egg Salad Sandwiches at home!  

My colleague Paige also did a sandwich lesson in her class as they were studying a book with caterpillars, so they made  caterpillar sandwiches.  
Looked so cute and her little 4th Graders had a blast! 

This is the idea they were inspired by...not the actual result! They ate it too quickly to take a photo!
 To see the caterpillar sandwich idea explained and for other food ideas like this visit :Party Ideas Like A Pro .com

Happy Teaching!!


  1. Ardyn, this is awesome! I'm getting hungry just looking at it!!! I'm totally going to do this with the kids as a reward for being so good!! :)

    1. hi Stephanie. Thanks so much, you should totally do it and tell me how it goes!
      thanks for the support :)