Friday, 16 May 2014

Dubbing/Voice Overs - An Amazing Way To Practice Dialogue. (free downloads)

My "dubbing" lessons (student titled) have been such a hit that I just had to share it.
* Dubbing is basically acting as a 'voice over' actor.

The basic set up -
  • find short clips that relate to your current topic
  • remove the audio (if you're not a techie you can simply press the mute button) 
  • write scripts for these silent video-clips that suit your student level and topic (if you're teaching high level have them write their own scripts) 
  • have the students rehearse their scripts, practice makes perfect! 
  • lastly, have your students 'dub' the clips in front of the class.
  • Record!
 My students loved the challenge and the chance to perform! All while practicing, reading, speaking and comprehending! A win, win for us teachers!

For Grade 6  the dubbing lesson was based on the unit "I have a fever" which is about going to the doctor and includes phrases "What's the matter?" , "That's too bad", "I have a fever / cold / runny nose / headache / stomach ache..." and "You should drink some warm water / get some rest / see the doctor..."

So naturally, I looked for clips (scoured YouTube) for any medical based scenarios. Then after editing them and removing the audio I wrote simple scripts that practiced the vocabulary and phrases we were studying in class. Video editing program I use:  Camstudio Download Link

Here is one of the videos and the script to match - have a go at trying to be the voice over yourself!  

SCRIPT:  A Bad Bad Cold

MINSANG           I have a really bad cold. It’s a bad, bad cold doctor. Very bad. I feel so sick.
DOCTOR            Do you?
Did you drink warm water?
MINSANG           No, I didn’t. Why?
DOCTOR            You crazy.
                  Everyone knows, you should drink warm water.
MINSANG           Oh, really? My hands feel cold.
DOCTOR            Did you forget your gloves too?
MINSANG           Ah, yeah I did.
DOCTOR            I know why you are sick. You don’t wear warm clothes in winter.
MINSANG           Ah... ?

So here are the links to the videos and scripts if you'd like to try the lesson out yourself. 
 A Bad Bad Cold Video
A Bad Bad Cold Script 
A Bad Cold Video 
A Bad Cold Script 
I Have An Earache Video 
I Have An Earache Script 
I Feel Sick Video 
I Feel Sick Script 

And below is a montage video I created with my student's acting as the voice overs!!! They had a blast watching this and recognizing themselves and friends. 

Now for the fifth graders I had to do a whole other topic, which was based on the "Do you want some more?" lesson, all about food and asking for more. (See Do You Want Some More ppt Post )

So naturally, the videos had to be about food and boy! it was a very fun lesson with all the eating sound effects the kids had to make. The scripts were a bit easier also for grade 5, but I always make some more difficult scripts to encourage those higher level students. 

Here's one of the videos and scripts for you to try out:
(And the download links below)

SCRIPT : I Like Noodles!


A:            Ah! I like noodles!

B:            I don’t like noodles.

C:            Oh My God. You eat so much.
A:            I like noodles so much. Noodles are very delicious.

D:            Hello! I like noodles too!
A:            Go ahead, help yourself!

 You can of course change the scripts to your student level or vocab if different from my lesson.
Have a go, it's a fantastically fun lesson and other teachers have used these materials from me and had a great time also.

Happy teaching!

All Food Dubbing Scripts 
Bugers Video 
Chocolate Cake Video 
Harry Potter Feast Video 
Mr. Bean Video 
Goku I like Noodles Video 



  1. This is a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing~

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful materials with other teachers. I'm looking forward to trying it out and I will mention your name to my students. You deserve the credit!

    1. Thank you so much for the support, I appreciate it, You don't have to mention my name lol but I won't stop you :P Please follow and keep in touch - I hope it works well in your class :)

  3. The tips given were very useful. Lots of tips that can be used to practice my voice over skills. I always wanted to be an arabic voice over artist. Always been my passion to do that. This sharing helped to open my eyes in a different perspective on this subject. Hopefully I can be better at this.

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