Friday, 16 May 2014

Class Management Idea - The Star Chart and English Market

At our elementary school I think we are on to something great with our English Market reward system. Not only does the reward system run school wide but it’s also all English based, in order to help promote English at school.

It’s quite simple really. We have a little glass cabinet full of dollar-store goodies that range from 1,000 won to 3,000 won. The cabinet has 3 shelves so each shelf corresponds to a price range. The goodies range from stationary to bubbles, to hot pockets for winter and even hair accessories.

The reward system works easily, the homeroom teachers have a whole bunch of coupons made by the English department that look a little like this:

And when they come to shop at the English market they need to converse with us English teachers in English. We have a big printed out dialogue board in front of the little market place for the students to read if they have forgotten. My photo is currently being used… 

So whenever the students do something great in class they will usually receive some sort of point that will then make up a number of points such as 10 points and then after scoring 10 points they will get a coupon. Coupons are hard to get, they have to work very hard to get one. Each homeroom teacher has their own way of giving them away. In my English class we do the star system.

Recently I made this star board using coloured card. It’s hanging up with magnets in the classroom. I printed all of the student’s names in English and stuck it to the board to make a grid; so that next to each child’s name there is a space for me to stick on star stickers whenever they do something well in English class. I have told my class that when they receive 10 stars they will receive one English coupon. They are very excited at the prospects. Most students are on their 5th or even 7th star by now which is rewarded for good behavior, finished homework or amazing project work. 

Happy Teaching!


  1. Good idea, but how do you get students to be internally motivated? I want to step away from external rewards and motivate them to learn for the sake of learning. Any tips?

    1. Honestly that will have to be totally up to the students there is only so much a teacher can do to motivate like you can make it more fun and have more engaging activities maybe have them chant I love English lol every class before every class to get them amped and maybe make it competitive etc...and also most of these kids know that we cannot fail them so that's why they do not take it as serious

    2. Very true ^
      And always, positive reinforcement- simply by saying, good job! every now and then. I even applaud students who get things correct or try in my class and the class laugh and sometimes all clap along with me, it's a fun moment each time.