Thursday, 29 May 2014

Chicken Kebabs! Cooking in the ESL classroom! (free worksheet download!)

We finally finished our last cooking recipe for my afterschool class cooking unit.
If you haven't seen my earlier posts, my students and I have already made Egg Salad Sandwiches and Peanut Butter and Banana Popsicles. So for our final crack at cooking we stepped it up a notch and had to book the cooking room to make our scrumptious chicken kebabs!

Before our cooking class we discussed what food we wanted to make. We watched a bunch of YouTube cooking videos and came across kebabs and the girls got excited. To watch the video we found and were inspired by, click here.

As we saw in the video, the ingredients and directions were pretty easy. I got the students to watch the video twice and write out the directions on the white board. Aside from a few minor adjustments to ingredients, we were able to make the chicken marinade the same way.

So here's what we did - in case you'd like to make some delicious kebabs at school or at home!

1. We sliced our chicken into bite size pieces and then marinated the chicken with plain yogurt, salt, pepper,cumin, diced garlic, paprika, chilli powder and a little beef stock. It all smelt delicious! Especially that garlic!
BTW : The plain yogurt makes it super tender! I have started to marinade chicken and pork in yogurt at home , on the regular now!

            TIP: Use a taco or fajita mix if you can't get certain spices as they're premixed with what you need. ( I got some from Home Plus) OR... light-bulb moment- why not use a ramen seasoning packet?

2. We put our chicken aside and cleaned our vegetables. We had lettuce, onion and cherry tomatoes in our kebabs. Of course you can add more but the girls and I kept it simple (and cheap!) The chicken was the main event.

Next time I would like to chop some fresh herbs like cilantro and/or sesame leaves and add it as a topping. 

 3. We cooked the chicken! Takes about 15-20 minutes as your pieces should be cut small to cook fast. Each girl cooked her own chicken in her own pan... watch out for hot pans!

NOTE: too busy watching them to take pictures of them cooking lol.
So, here's a lonely fry pan for you to imagine with. hehe

4. We put our kebabs all together! Now, I let them spread some plain yogurt and chilli sauce for extra flavour - but you could use the traditional tzatziki sauce too! If we had more time we would have made it... ohh! or humus?!

The final delicious result!

JiYong and SongHee doing their BeeBimBap worksheet.
 Moreover, every time we have a non-cooking lesson I have revised the cooking vocabulary with them and last week before we spoke of Kebabs we read the great book "Bee Bim Bop" by Linda Sue Park, illustrated by Ho Baek Lee. It has a lot of the cooking vocabulary we have studied during our cooking unit so it was a fun way to get them reading as well as revising. 

(Click here and scroll down to the cooking vocabulary ppt. and worksheet I used in our Egg Salad Sandwich lesson).

I have made this worksheet to do for our final cooking lesson, it's a good way to remember the story and go over cooking vocab again !
Download it! :  Bee Bim Bop Worksheet
 This is another worksheet I've based on a story with cooking called "Pizza Party" , I'll be doing this with my class also as a little extra reading comprehension while also revisiting cooking vocabulary.

Download it! : Pizza Party Worksheet

 If you have any questions contact me!
Happy Teaching!


  1. Wow, chicken kababs are looking super delicious and these are healthy too. You have done great presentation dear. Can I get online cooking video of this recipe? My daughter want to cook this but she need a video which she can follow step by step. Share with me ideas.

    1. Hi sorry , I didn't make a video myself but I included a link to a suggested one within the blog post, "Before our cooking class we discussed what food we wanted to make. We watched a bunch of YouTube cooking videos and came across kebabs and the girls got excited. To watch the video we found and were inspired by, click here." just scroll up and look for the sentence . It's in pink.

  2. Haha! So fun! Egg Salad Sandwiches and Peanut Butter and Banana Popsicles look so delicious. I love them. Perhaps I will apply for my class! Can you show me how to do it?

    1. In the post I mention the video I watched to help with the recipe. You could also google kebab recipes for more help.

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