Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Great Way For Exam Revision/Prep! Fun and Not Intimidating! Free downloads! Updated!

Hi all, here is top 5 review UPDATED for grade 5 2015, Chungjae book 2:Top 5 Review (free to download)

It's midterm exam week soon so we had to get cracking on our revision lesson. I know that many teachers think that exam revision means a boring, dictating type lesson - but it really doesn't have to be and SHOULDN'T be! Especially, especially at elementary level! I have watched a poor, sad class go through a painful dictation fulled exam review lesson and wanted to scream at the teacher "WHY???!"

So, if you are in the midst of preparing for an exam review lesson I highly recommend this game to get you started, even if you must do some sort of dictation based lesson - maybe add it as a warm up!

The game: Top 5!

Now I downloaded this template a long time ago from , I can't find the link to it but you can download the powerpoint I made here: Top 5 Grade 6 Revision PPT.

It's really easy to play and I've played it in different ways but this was perfect to do for lesson revision.

Basically, all you do is show the slide with the title of the Lesson e.g. " What grade are you in?" and you tell the students there are 5 sentences from this topic that you've written down. Then I write the class guesses on the board and then reveal the sentences I'd put on the powerpoint. Each number corresponds to an amount of points and if they guess a sentence correctly they get points. I've made it a inter-class competition with my grade 6's and promised candy to the winning class.

The class was great revision as they were looking through their notebooks and textbooks for key sentences of each unit we had studied and of course in between my co-teacher and I had quizzed them for the meaning of the sentences and asked the class to read and spell words or phrases aloud.


Here are the slides:

This is an example slide to show how to play the game first:

This is the point slide, I write it on the board also to keep track of the points throughout the game:

Here are the unit slides:
Note: the sentences go from difficult to easy, 1 being the most difficult and 5 the easiest.

And here are some free revision homework sheets for you to give the class! This is according to the Francis Sohn Textbooks

Grade 6   - Grade 6 Revision Sheet
Grade 5   -  Grade 5 Revision Sheet
 I tell my students to try doing it without their textbook first and then finish and check their answers after.

Happy Teaching!


  1. Great ! I'll be using this Monday for our review class!!! Thank you !

  2. I can't seem to download the revision powerpoint...

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