Monday, 19 May 2014

A Fun Way To Present Doctor - Patient Scripts! Project day! (free template download!)

My Grade 6's just finished the topic "I have a fever" which revolves all around the doctor and patient conversation... such phrases as "I have a fever, stomachache, headache" are included as well as doctor replies like "you should get some rest, you should drink some warm water...etc"

Actually, here is a look at the powerpoint I made to just review the dialogue. The kids loved it because it includes video shorts of Mr. Bean - all relating to our sickness vocabulary of course!
Mr. Bean "I have a fever" ppt.

Before the project lesson we had a ball doing the 'dubbing' lesson where my students acted as voice over actors to silent video clips (doctor themed) that I made as well as, made matching scripts for - a true success (See "dubbing" lesson post here!)

Anyway, so for the projects my class were more than ready for a chance to create their own doctor/patient scenarios after acting the funny ones I'd created for them during the dubbing lesson.
And so that was the project concept - writing your very own doctor/patient scenarios! (scripts).

Before we started we wrote a class scenario on the board, we used the dialogue we had already learnt during the topic and then we brainstormed a bit for some more "crazy" dialogue.

For example, Minsang - one of my more wacky students asked how he could use 'growth' and then came up with the idea of complaining to the doctor about an 'extra leg growth' - I KNOW, CRAZY kid that one is. What also helped is that my coteacher had this great Korean/English song all about doctor/patient vocabulary. I kept a copy for myself even! Just in case I needed to go to the doctor as the song is a great translation dictionary of medical phrases.
 Click to Download Medical Phrase English Korean Song
Download Medical Phrase Song Lyrics 

Anyway, so after brainstorming I gave them these fantastic templates I made using image search and word. I already had the display in mind - I'd make a class medicine cabinet full of student written scripts.  Here are what the templates look like blank, and the download link is included:
 Medicine Cabinet Template doc.

Now, I printed them black and white to you know, save trees... but if you have small classes or the extra budget for coloured ink, by all means print in colour. However, the black and white came out great and I got the students to colour if they had time. As you can see, I have medicine bottles, bandaid packets, muscle could add your own. Maybe syringes, bandages?

So next, I instructed them to write their own scenarios - and they could use their textbooks and song to help them. In my classroom they must write their work in pencil first and have it checked by me or my coteacher and then only after that may they use felt tips and crayons to colour. A good way to encourage neat and high quality work.

I was so proud of my students as they really made a big effort in their writing - which is the most important, more so than presentation ( I have to remind myself at times as I'm such the art lover). But I reckon my display made their work pop just as well as their amazing scripts did ! hehe!

Have a look at the display and also take a look at some of the funny scenarios the students were able to come up with!

"Ann: Oh my god!
Dr. : Don't shout! What's the matter?
Ann: I have a yucky growth. Oh it's very nauseating!
Dr: Oh! No, vomiting!
Ann: Sorry
Dr. : you... "

"Ahyoung: Doctor! doctor!
Dr.: What's wrong?
Ahyoung: I have a broken leg! Help me!
Dr.: Ah ~ Give me something for the itch.
Ahyoung: Thank you doctor. I'm okay now.
Dr. : You're welcome."

not sure what the doctor did here lol, but proud of her creativity!

 (From the centre)

"HyeGyo: Dr. It's too terrible! Oh.....
Dr.: What's the matter? HyeGyo?
HyeGyo: My face is breaking out and my skin's dry and itchy.
Dr.: Oh, that's too bad. Put this cream on it.
HyeGyo: Thank you, Dr!!"

As you can see the students did very well in this project. If you have lower level students I suggest writing this basic dialogue on the board, with blanks they can fill out. That way you still review the vocabulary and encourage their own thinking and creativity:

Name:_________ Class:______


______: Doctor! I have a __________! / I feel __________!
Doctor: Oh, that's too bad. You should __________________________________.
_____: Okay. Thank you, Doctor.

Something simple like this is fine for those lower level students , I wrote it on the white board when I was teaching this project and it helped some of the students get a head start and understand the project also.

A great project I will certainly do again, give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

Happy teaching!


  1. such an awesome idea, I love the template. Going to try it out myself.

  2. I think every student got more creative due to the template being out of the box... tell me how it goes!

  3. I'm going to do this with my adult esl class! Thanks for the downloads!