Thursday, 29 May 2014

Chicken Kebabs! Cooking in the ESL classroom! (free worksheet download!)

We finally finished our last cooking recipe for my afterschool class cooking unit.
If you haven't seen my earlier posts, my students and I have already made Egg Salad Sandwiches and Peanut Butter and Banana Popsicles. So for our final crack at cooking we stepped it up a notch and had to book the cooking room to make our scrumptious chicken kebabs!

Before our cooking class we discussed what food we wanted to make. We watched a bunch of YouTube cooking videos and came across kebabs and the girls got excited. To watch the video we found and were inspired by, click here.

As we saw in the video, the ingredients and directions were pretty easy. I got the students to watch the video twice and write out the directions on the white board. Aside from a few minor adjustments to ingredients, we were able to make the chicken marinade the same way.

So here's what we did - in case you'd like to make some delicious kebabs at school or at home!

1. We sliced our chicken into bite size pieces and then marinated the chicken with plain yogurt, salt, pepper,cumin, diced garlic, paprika, chilli powder and a little beef stock. It all smelt delicious! Especially that garlic!
BTW : The plain yogurt makes it super tender! I have started to marinade chicken and pork in yogurt at home , on the regular now!

            TIP: Use a taco or fajita mix if you can't get certain spices as they're premixed with what you need. ( I got some from Home Plus) OR... light-bulb moment- why not use a ramen seasoning packet?

2. We put our chicken aside and cleaned our vegetables. We had lettuce, onion and cherry tomatoes in our kebabs. Of course you can add more but the girls and I kept it simple (and cheap!) The chicken was the main event.

Next time I would like to chop some fresh herbs like cilantro and/or sesame leaves and add it as a topping. 

 3. We cooked the chicken! Takes about 15-20 minutes as your pieces should be cut small to cook fast. Each girl cooked her own chicken in her own pan... watch out for hot pans!

NOTE: too busy watching them to take pictures of them cooking lol.
So, here's a lonely fry pan for you to imagine with. hehe

4. We put our kebabs all together! Now, I let them spread some plain yogurt and chilli sauce for extra flavour - but you could use the traditional tzatziki sauce too! If we had more time we would have made it... ohh! or humus?!

The final delicious result!

JiYong and SongHee doing their BeeBimBap worksheet.
 Moreover, every time we have a non-cooking lesson I have revised the cooking vocabulary with them and last week before we spoke of Kebabs we read the great book "Bee Bim Bop" by Linda Sue Park, illustrated by Ho Baek Lee. It has a lot of the cooking vocabulary we have studied during our cooking unit so it was a fun way to get them reading as well as revising. 

(Click here and scroll down to the cooking vocabulary ppt. and worksheet I used in our Egg Salad Sandwich lesson).

I have made this worksheet to do for our final cooking lesson, it's a good way to remember the story and go over cooking vocab again !
Download it! :  Bee Bim Bop Worksheet
 This is another worksheet I've based on a story with cooking called "Pizza Party" , I'll be doing this with my class also as a little extra reading comprehension while also revisiting cooking vocabulary.

Download it! : Pizza Party Worksheet

 If you have any questions contact me!
Happy Teaching!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Practicing Calling Dialoue - With Their Favourite Cartoons! (free worksheet downloads!)

Grade 6 is still on the making a call topic and in our latest lesson we even had a Skype call with my mother who lives in Brunei! The kids had a blast talking to her, and because she's a teacher she was perfect to interact with. I set her up with the dialogue we were studying and she tried to keep to it as much as possible. The kids were so engaged by the video camera aspect that they didn't freeze up or get shy talking to an English speaker. Success! I highly recommend skyping a relative or friend with your class for phone call practice!

Moreover, we also had a little game beforehand to warm us up. We separated the students into 4 groups then told them they would each receive a "calling card" and they had to keep it secret from the other groups. Then, we asked a pair from each group to come and act out the phone call according to the information given on their "calling card". We told the rest of the class to listen carefully, stating that the group who could answer all questions correctly about the phone call they heard, would receive points. (who is calling? What time will they meet? What will they do/).

Here are the calling cards:                                      Download them here:Calling Cards

Notice I didn't add a meeting place, maybe I would next time but I didn't think there was much of a loss as they still practiced the phrase "Let's meet at ______ " when talking about time. But you could easily add a place picture to these - or better yet, make the students think of their own!

The dialogue we followed:

A: Hello
B: Hello, may I speak to ______ ?
A: Speaking. Who's calling, please?
B: This is ______.
A: Hi _____. What's up?
B: Let's ____________ this afternoon.
A: Okay! What time?
B: How about at _____ (O'clock) ?
A: That sounds good! 
B: See you there!

I also had a ringing sound effect I played using the computer, you can download it here :Phone Ringing Mp3
it makes things a little more special, as well as using some fake/real telephones!

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Great Way For Exam Revision/Prep! Fun and Not Intimidating! Free downloads! Updated!

Hi all, here is top 5 review UPDATED for grade 5 2015, Chungjae book 2:Top 5 Review (free to download)

It's midterm exam week soon so we had to get cracking on our revision lesson. I know that many teachers think that exam revision means a boring, dictating type lesson - but it really doesn't have to be and SHOULDN'T be! Especially, especially at elementary level! I have watched a poor, sad class go through a painful dictation fulled exam review lesson and wanted to scream at the teacher "WHY???!"

So, if you are in the midst of preparing for an exam review lesson I highly recommend this game to get you started, even if you must do some sort of dictation based lesson - maybe add it as a warm up!

The game: Top 5!

Now I downloaded this template a long time ago from , I can't find the link to it but you can download the powerpoint I made here: Top 5 Grade 6 Revision PPT.

It's really easy to play and I've played it in different ways but this was perfect to do for lesson revision.

Basically, all you do is show the slide with the title of the Lesson e.g. " What grade are you in?" and you tell the students there are 5 sentences from this topic that you've written down. Then I write the class guesses on the board and then reveal the sentences I'd put on the powerpoint. Each number corresponds to an amount of points and if they guess a sentence correctly they get points. I've made it a inter-class competition with my grade 6's and promised candy to the winning class.

The class was great revision as they were looking through their notebooks and textbooks for key sentences of each unit we had studied and of course in between my co-teacher and I had quizzed them for the meaning of the sentences and asked the class to read and spell words or phrases aloud.


Here are the slides:

This is an example slide to show how to play the game first:

This is the point slide, I write it on the board also to keep track of the points throughout the game:

Here are the unit slides:
Note: the sentences go from difficult to easy, 1 being the most difficult and 5 the easiest.

And here are some free revision homework sheets for you to give the class! This is according to the Francis Sohn Textbooks

Grade 6   - Grade 6 Revision Sheet
Grade 5   -  Grade 5 Revision Sheet
 I tell my students to try doing it without their textbook first and then finish and check their answers after.

Happy Teaching!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Free Worksheet Downloads! Mixed Topics.

Feel free to take a look and download any worksheet.

I use these mostly for homework or even a warm up activity.

They're all created in word and you can alter to your desire.

Happy Teaching!

This is Grade 6, just practicing contractions. It could be used in grade 5 or even adult ESL:
Contraction Worksheet Download

Lesson: Where's The Ice Cream Store?  - learning directions
Directions Worksheet Download

Lesson: Bigger, Longer  Grade 6
Longer, Bigger Worksheet Download

Lesson: Whose umbrella is it? Grade 5 - His and Hers
Whose is it worksheet download

Lesson: I have a fever , grade 6 - learning medical terms
I have a fever worksheet download

Whose is it? worksheet / comic book! On the bubble page they draw themselves as a cartoon!
Change the dialogue to practice multiple topics!
Grade 5 : comic book worksheet

Happy Teaching!

Topic: Food Glorious Food! - A Project Idea and Template (free template download!)

Currently, my grade 5's are studying the topic "Do You Want Some More?" which is all around food and uses phrases such as :
  • "Do you want some more noodles?" ( cookies / fruit / vegetables/ hamburgers...) 
  • "Yes, please. Thanks a lot." 
  • "Everything looks delicious!" 
  • "Do you like Korean food?"
  • "Go ahead, help yourself."
  • "No thanks, I'm full." 
So leading up to the final project we did a 'dubbling/voice over' lesson which was an absolute blast. To see this lesson explained and download the free videos and scripts click here.

Moving on to our project day I decided to let the kids be creative and make up their own creative dialogues. As usual we did a class example on the board and I encouraged the kids to think outside the box. For example, we did a (bland) textbook type dialogue together first, revisiting the dialogue and vocabulary. But after I told the kids to be "crazy" and we made a much funnier script.
Here's what we came up with for 5-1's 'crazy' script:

A: Everything looks delicious!
B: Do you like Korean food?
A: Yes!!!!! I do! I like noodles, kimbap, vegetables, fruit salad, japcahe...everything!
B: Okay. Go ahead, help yourself.
A: Okay! ummmm munch munch munch yum yum yum!
B: Do you want some more?
A: Yes! It's really good. ummm noom noomm noom yum yum!
B: Wow, you eat so much! Are you full?
A: No! Give me more!

  (Note: Korean kids find the word crazy to be absolutely hilarious!).

So after we brainstormed ideas for their own creative dialogues I gave them these funky templates where they could write their dialogues and colour them in later of course!
Download Food Dialogue Template here

Have a read and look at these fantastic scripts!

 I made a picnic basket and picnic blanket to make the display look yummy.
Here's what the final display looks like:

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Making Plans Over The Phone! Learning Phone Dialogue Made Fun and Interactive! (free ppt. download!)

Currently, my grade 6 classes are studying the lesson "Who's Calling, Please?" and I did this lesson for part two of the unit. This powerpoint lesson is a great way of introducing the dialogue and even as a review after learning the dialogue. It does include some editing on your part but I assure you the kids love it and it's well worth the fun and learning.

So what you need aside from the powerpoint is a pair of fake phones/ old phones/ your phones or you could make the old fashion cup and string phones too! 

Anyway, so the powerpoint is pretty self explanatory... below are the slides with my notes, read a long and feel free to download and teach this fullproof lesson with your classes!

Note: This lesson has speaking, reading, listening and role-playing - a great box-ticking lesson for the phone call conversation topic. :)

I would use this for adult or high school ESL classes also, modifying the vocabulary and level when necessary. I think it's an enjoyable lesson for any age.

The title slide:
Download link:  Who's Calling ppt.

"Before we start, lets review the dialogue! Everyone read."
As you can see I inserted two pictures of my students from the class. This was not only fun to have as the kids were really excited to see themselves and classmates up on the screen. But also it's encouraging actual life, as they would most probably be calling each other on the phone rather than The Hulk and Nemo right? (nothing against Hulk and Nemo!)

Each of the pictures require a click to show up, adding exciting suspense, of course!

So this is my textbook's recommended dialogue but you can alter to your material. I added 'O'Clock' to make it more interesting - as they hadn't been able to practice that saying in a while.

Next, more review slides. I got the students to read and guess if they didn't already know.
Now, please keep in mind that the majority of this vocabulary has been taught the year before, but this is the first time they are being used in a phone call situation. You will need to have taught most of this vocabulary in previous lessons.

Now here comes the fun - it's calling time!
So at this point I have the phones up in front ready for the pairs to come up and call each other.

This slide will take you a while to alter but it is so worth it! The kids love it and it makes them feel special. Basically you just separate the class into 2 groups/in half or boys vs. girls and ask for a volunteer from each team to choose someone to call.

I embedded a phone ringing sound too that you can click to add drama.

Now, when you click a student's photo it will be linked to a 'scenario slide'. There are about 20 that I made using different places, times and activity pictures that we saw in the review slides at the beginning. I wrote the same dialogue from the earlier slides on the white board next to the projector screen and that way the students can just read and fill in the appropriate blanks when they make their call.
When you are half way in the lesson I suggest if the students are getting better and better at the dialogue, to wipe off parts of it on your board to promote memorization.

Scenario slides:

Of course you can alter this to your desire. but most importantly you need to have each slide "link" back to the original calling slide  (the one with all the student photos). The purple arrow will link you back to the calling page.

Here is a brief how to explanation of the linking process so that when you insert student photos you can link them to the scenario slides:

On the INSERT tab you'll see the LINKS buttons, click ACTION. Note, it will not be 'click-able' if you don't first click on the picture you want to be linked to another slide.

A box will pop up, so click onto the 'HYPERLINK' option.

Click on the drop-box and click the option SLIDE...

A box will open and it has the list of slides in the presentation and when highlighted there's a preview of the slide under the OK and CANCEL buttons. So find the 'scenario slide' that you'd like to link your student's photo to then push ok. Remember you can scroll down!

So after that, open into SHOW mode and try out the links! You should be able to click on a student photo and it transport you to a scenario slide and then, once you click the purple arrow it will return you to all the slides of the student photos.

If you desperately need help contact me and I'll be happy to help you out. I know that tech isn't everyone's thing and I'm still learning too!

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Happy Teaching!