Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Teaching Clothes : Dressing up Monsters!

When you are teaching in Korea you are most likely to have after school English classes. These classes can have either some of your students that you teach daily within them or entirely different grades. In my case it was the latter. I teach grade 5 and 6 English at an elementary school and for my after school class I teach grade 4. For the upcoming new academic year, I will be teaching grade 5 and grade 1- yes, the little wee ones!

So what do you teach a bunch of students that you don’t normally teach at all? It’s not as if you can do revision from activities in your own class (which would be ideal for some of your lower grade students, who you know need it). Well, I decided we would do a range of vocabulary games and crafts.

One of the activities the students loved was my monster dress up lesson!
This lesson focused on clothing vocabulary, with the exception of the word “monster”.
Obviously, this is a monster version of the classic dress-up paper doll kits that we all had as kids. I liked the monster idea as I was teaching a lot of boys and I didn’t want them to feel as if I was shoving dolls into their learning…but doll cut outs would work just as well, and there’s probably a whole lot of pre-designed templates out there!

The preparation:
It was a little tedious on my part, I had to photo copy my monster templates and then design clothing that would fit on each monster and then photo copy all the clothing onto coloured paper…and not to mention the cutting out.

TIP: if you are teaching elementary students, especially the young ones, you should do all the cutting out. There’s something about young kids that makes them take FOREVER to cut things out. Trust me, you will want to have prepared the cut out items for any craft beforehand!

So after the midnight cutting I brought the monsters and coloured clothing to stick on them to class. We went over the vocabulary with a warm up activity of simply holding up different clothing items and naming them. Then I asked them to sit in pairs.

The Activity:
I told each pair to take turns instructing each other on what they should dress their monsters in.
Everyone got two monsters to make and so there were lots of colorfully dressed monsters by the end of the lesson.

I have all the templates and clothing templates saved and ready to photo copy for the new year, I think this is a great and stress free lesson to do for any teaching of clothing.

During my school’s winter camp I did the same thing but changed monsters for snowmen!
It worked out beautifully. And we did it with the little 1st and 2nd graders. I gave out the clothing items one by one to each student, we all stuck and coloured the clothing items on together, from scarf to winter boots and hat! The kids loved the colouring and sticking process. It was also a nice calming activity before snack time!


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