Wednesday, 30 April 2014

English Story Telling Competition

This past week was a busy time at my elementary school as we in the English Village, put on our annual English Story Telling Competition. At first I was a little hesitant with this project but it all turned out so stunningly that I’m looking forward to next year’s competition already. The first stage of the competition was the inner class competition. Every English class from grades 4 to 6 where asked to choose a story from our school’s online library and then memorize it, ready to recite it in front of the class the following week. The stories online were only about 6-10 sentences long so they weren’t hard to remember and practice. I remember during my time in primary school (elementary) , we did speech competitions from 7 years old and right up to when we were 12 in intermediate (middle school). So I didn’t see it a big deal having the students memorize little stories. So on class story telling day every student was asked to present their story in class. I sat at the back of the room with all the students’ names and gave marks out of ten for each student. After every student had told a story my co-teacher and I would announce the top of the class who was then made a finalist in the story competition. This is where the stress kicked in…as an artsy person; I don’t mind at all, with creating things for class that let me use my crafty side. However my co-teacher sprang this one on me and I felt a little anxious. For each of the 7 story competition finalists, I was asked to make some sort of prop for them to help present and add “pizzazz” to their spoken word. I was excited to make these things but all 7 , over a weekend seemed daunting. However, it’s for the better of the students so I hurried over to our town’s local craft store (also known as teacher’s heaven) and used our story competition budget as wisely as I could!

These are the props I came out with:
Story: The Cake that Mack Ateby Rose Robart
Plot: Dog Mack, eats cake…that took a lot of time and trouble to make!

Story: Dinnertime! by Sue Williams , illustrated by Kerry Argent 
Plot: Six fat rabbits are being stalked by a fox , when they should be home for dinner!

Story: Penguin by Polly Dunbar
Plot: Gina gets a penguin for her birthday, but it just won’t talk to her!

Story: Moon Planet by Peter McCarty
Plot: A little boy dreams of flying to the moon.

Story: Moo Moo Brown Cow Have you Any  (unknown)
Plot: Counting through farm animals!
Story: Jonnie (unknown)
Plot: Jonnie the spider is sad because everyone thinks she is scary

Story: Mr. Mcgee and the Perfect Nest (unknown)
Plot: A lazy bird finding the perfect nest

After the props were done we had about a week of lunch time and after school rehearsals.
It was all very repetitive but as they say “practice makes perfect!”
I really loved the day of the competition. Our story tellers did fantastically, I was so proud.
Here’s a picture of all of them together:

And here’s a link to one of our winners!


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